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About Us

FENIX company is professional company dealing with mounting racks and other accessories shops, both small and hypermarkets across all industries with materials supplied by the customer on the basis of the documentation provided. Our editors are experts with years of experience gained at home and abroad.

We specialize in the assembly of complex, demontażach and alterations of shop shelves and the modernization of commercial facilities. For 13 years mount equipment in buildings ranging in size from 200 to 20 000 square meters.

We install equipment in such a network, such as Tesco, Rossmann, Sano, Bomi, Humanic, MOTIVI. Over 13 years of our operation in the market have gained the trust of many companies. All companies provide warranty and after warranty, we offer our services on the Polish market and abroad.

You are welcome to use our services.


Gregory Banasiewicz - owner.

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